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Thousands of bloggers have signed up for Ezoic for one simple reason. The Ezoic platform helps bloggers get the most out of their content by optimizing things like ad types, positions, and more — all while taking into account how all of the ads affect user experiences (like bounce rate & time on site). True ad optimization must take user experiences into consideration.

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You can start by only sending a small portion of your traffic to Ezoic to see how much it improves user experience and revenue.

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Why Bloggers Love Using Ezoic

Empowered Decision-Making

Ezoic simplifies things like ad operations and testing processes. Our platform puts the power of artificial intelligence in your hands so that you can automate and test things on your own — viewing progress along the way.

Automated Ad Optimization

Ezoic takes the hardest parts ad operations and simplifies it for bloggers. Ezoic automatically tests ad positions, sizes, and demand sources on a per user basis. Allowing bloggers to that know that they are maximizing their blogs potential.

Putting Visitors First

Ezoic is the only platform that automatically optimizes ads while taking into account how each ad affects time on site, bounce rate, & pageviews per visit. This means you can rest assured knowing your ads won’t negatively impact your visitors.

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Ezoic allows bloggers to dedicate small portions of traffic to Ezoic to start with. This allows you to see how well Ezoic works before disrupting any of your current efforts.

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How Ezoic Works for Bloggers

There are potentially millions of different ad combinations and layout possibilities your blog right now. How do you know which ones work the best — delivering the most revenue to you and the best experiences to your visitors?

The truth is that every visitors is different, and what is best for one, might not be the best for another. With Ezoic’s Ad Tester, our system learns which kinds of ads perform the best with different users. What’s more, Ezoic figures out where the ads should go, and if the ads are having a negative impact on time on site, bounce rate, and pageviews per visit too and optimizes for revenue and user experience together… on a per user basis.

This is really hard for a person to account for. That’s why Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to do this all for you. Our machine learning platform features two really popular ways for bloggers to maximize revenue while taking care of their visitors.

By optimizing your site with Ezoic’s powerful platform applications, your site can improve things like revenue, site speed, bounce rate, session duration, SERP positioning, and pageviews per visit. Ezoic’s flagship platform applications (Ad Tester & Layout Tester)  put publishers in control of layout and ad optimization on their blog.

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