The Ad Revenue Index

*NEW: Index Update

The Ad Revenue Index recently expanded it’s dataset to better represent websites of all sizes across geographic locations around the world. This means that the updated version of the index may differ slightly from previous versions. Specifically, the 2020 now shows slightly decreased index scores for multiple dates spanning the year. You can learn more about the index below and can still access the old version of the index for comparison using the button provided.

About The Index

The Ad Revenue Index is a single metric served as a baseline to describe the state of the online advertising rates paid out to websites displaying programmatic display ads. Each day, the index calculates a daily index score by sampling across a statistically significant dataset of online ad impressions and consolidates the data into a single number on a 1 to 100 scale.

The index can show how advertising market conditions impact publisher ad earnings. The number 100 on the index represents the highest ad rates recorded by the index.

Digital publishers experience natural fluctuations in their earnings from ads but most have trouble understanding if their changes in revenue are specific to their site, or something affecting all sites. 

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Who Built The Index?

The Ad Revenue Index was built by data scientists at Ezoic. Ezoic is the leading Certified Google Publishing Partner providing machine learning, monetization, and web publishing technology platform to websites and online content creators.

Ezoic’s platform leverages artificial intelligence to test and optimize ad combinations to website visitors. Ezoic’s access to web publishing data and advertising performance information provides a perfect environment for studying shifts in the digital ecosystem.

Ezoic created the index to help publishers better understand and contextualize their own data. At Ezoic, we believe that data should drive your most important decisions.

Ad Index FAQs

1. When is the index updated?
9:30am PST. Sometimes, delayed reporting for ad networks causes the index to be updated later in the day.

2. What does the value on the chart REALLY mean?
The index score is a representation of tens of thousands of online publishers, big and small, across all verticals and categories.

3. Why EPMV?
You can read more about that here.

4. What time zone is the data in?
The index data is reported in U.S. Central time.

5. How accurate is this data?
Our advanced statistical methods characterize the daily fluctuations of online advertising revenue. The dataset is robust and is well trusted industry-wide as being the most accurate source for monitoring ad rate seasonality.

6. What causes major shifts in ad rates?
General seasonality, market conditions, and the start and end of fiscal quarters play big parts in how ad rates change. The end of months, quarters, and years usually result in collective drops in ad rates.